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Client Love Notes

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most kind-hearted, amazing clients providing eyelash extensions for the busy mom on the go to beautiful brides on their wedding day. Below are a few sample reviews. 


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Kay J. - Volume Eyelash Extensions

"Colleen is amazing! I was very afraid of getting lash extensions again after a bad experience with a different person. Colleen made sure that she would give me the perfect lashes and would last without long term damage to my lashes. I will never go anywhere else!!! Colleen is the best!!!!"

Jennifer T. - Concept Photoshoot Model

"I wanted to give a shout out to Colleen for this look!! Hours after being in her chair and hanging out in a forest for awhile, those eyes are still fierce!! If you're ever in Woodbury, I'd suggest looking her up!!"

Barb B. - Classic Eyelash Extensions

 "Colleen is simply amazing. This is my first experience with lash extensions and not sure how I ever went without. My lashes are amazing and easy to maintain - they hold up to just about anything. Thank you Colleen, for being consistent with each fill and providing a comfortable experience. You're just the best!"

Andrea R. - Holiday Makeup Application

"Colleen did my makeup for my holiday party and did an amazing job. I received so many compliments!!"

Claire B. - Volume Eyelash Extensions

 "Colleen is the boss when it comes to eyelash extensions! She truly listens and customize them to meet your expectations and does her work with an unbelievable precision and detail. And I've never met somebody SO positive and pleasant AND professional! On top of her amazing talent she also has an uncanny knack for making her clients feel comfortable, welcomed and at ease. I love coming here to have her do my eyelashes, they look natural but still super gorgeous, and they are very comfortable."

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